Reppin Endz Derby Celebration

“The process that everyone went through, and the sense of history, togetherness, and belonging, that it engendered was probably as important as the output itself. The notion of bringing history, and hip-hop together was innovative, and helped to present the stories and ideas in a modern, and engaging way. On May 16th a Finale event was arranged at the Club rooms which showcased the material from the project…” (Derby News).

Image of Cizz performing,

Cizz performing at the event. Photograph by Tony Fisher.

On Sat 16th May 2015 we had our celebration event at Derby Live Club Rooms! Music, memories, and a chance forInvitation to exhibition preview. people to view the work created. We watched park films with music, samples of the interviews, and photography. We talked about memories, collecting hidden stories, and including the memories of young people. Rachael from Impact Derby Impact Derby logo 'reaching out to young people'.came down with the young people taking part in their Heritage Lottery Funded project ‘The Journey’ to talk about the memories they were collecting, and Tony Fisher Derby based photographer came down as well.

Park Memories plus Thoughts.

Park memories & thoughts.

We had a gig with incredible performances from established artists to those starting their music careers plus spoken word pieces about the park memories – the atmosphere and energy was fantastic. Derby News came down, photographed the event, and have writtGig flyer.en an amazing piece which you can read here. Huge thanks to them. And thanks to everyone who came to the event, all the artists who performed and especially Simon Jones for organising it and hosting. It was an amazing end to Reppin Endz Derby!

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