Nick, park ranger at Markeaton Park talks about people’s memories. You can listen to his interview or read his interview.

What do you do on the park?
I’m Park Ranger. So, during the summer, we have all the different facilities out here, similar to the ones you see today, like the cars and the castle’s crazy golf. And in the summer months we have the paddling pool open, and also we’ve got canoes …so  we have quite a lot going on really.

Have you got a favourite memory or something that stands out in your mind about this park?
Well I know that a lot of people who come here with their younger children, they’ll all say, “I can remember the first time that I went on the cars,” themselves. So a lot of them actually – it seems to be quite a milestone for people to actually go on it for the first time. And then their kids go on in the next stage as well. I know people also talk to me about the canoe lake – and it’s fed by the brook – they can remember a time it was the paddling pool.

How long have you been coming to the park?
Well I first started here as a student about 1978/79 as a student, and then I was away doing other jobs for a lot of other years. And then I came back about two years ago to work here again. And it hadn’t, quite honestly, changed that much. There’s basically the same facilities now as there was all that time ago.

Can you remember the first park you ever went to, going right back to when you were a kid?
I can actually, yeah. I was born in Wisbech in Black and white image of a game of footballCambridgeshire and our local park there, I can remember going with a load of friends to play football in that park in Wisbech.Image of a 'No 7' birthday candle
Do you remember how old you were?
I was just a boy.
I was probably about seven or eight, I would have thought, yeah.

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