Listen to Clare talk about her memories of Markeaton Park or read her interview. Image below Clare’s daughter Violet at our Markeaton Park community event.

What’s your earliest memory of Markeaton Park?
It must have been about 3 or 4 years ago, meeting up with a friend here because she lived in Lichfield and I live in Drawn image of a cup of coffeeMatlock, so it was a halfway point and we had a lovely walk round, a bit of a drink and we took her dog out and he had a swim in the river, I think. We walked along the little toy train line and, yeah, it was a lovely day.

Image of intervieewes daughter on bench at Markeaton Park.

Paul, Violet, and dog Fred at Markeaton Park.

And have you got a favourite memory of this park or something that stands out?
Well I mean, we’ve just come back here today (for the Reppin Endz community event) with my little daughter and we’ve had a lovely wander round with our dog, and had a sit down on the benches and watched the ducks and watched the other children playing. It’s a nice place to be, basically.

And have you noticed anything that’s changed when you came today from when you came a few years ago?
Well I noticed when I came a few years ago, they were doing lots of work on the park and this continues, to a greater extent actually, as I’ve seen. They seem to be doing a lot of renovation and stuff, but yeah it’s pretty much the same.

And if you could change anything on the park, is there anything you’d change?
I don’t know, really. As it is, it’s a nice place for the dog to run, children to run about, it’s huge.

And going back to when you were a kid, what’s your earliest park memory ?
My earliest park memory, I would say – well there’s a couple. I would say that there’s a park at the top of MatImage of the word 'whizz' in cartoon letters.lock, on Cavendish, with views over Matlock, we used to get up there quite a lot with my dad and there used to be a big metal slide and swings that, you know, were all the sort of metal chains and we used to just whizz round on them.

And also Bakewell Park, where there was a big square paddling pool, and I remember my mum slipped over in it, chasing my brother round or something, and we had a few friends and everyone was just stood there aghast until she laughed and then everyone thought it was really funny.

And can you remember how old you were at that time?
Well I think I was possibly – well whenever your memories start, really. I think probably preschool with the Image of the number five.Cavendish Road park and then I remember we were friends with – I don’t know, it’s difficult. Yeah maybe still preschool because it was mum’s sort of friends and her children and we all used to go together, so yeah, 4, 5. Something like that.

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