Mary talks about her memories of Markeaton Park. Bit of background noise as we interviewed Mary at our Markeaton Park community event. You can listen to her memories or read her interview.

Can you tell me about your first memory of Markeaton Park?
BMX bike.

Not very long ago, actually. When I came to uni, I’m closer to Darley Park, so I tend to go there more. But the times I have been, I’ve been cycling around and sort of just exploring for the first time, and sort of like getting a bit lost. I’m really enjoying being a bit lost and sort of seeing the ducks and going round and finding where the pigs and some of the animals are, round the back…just being really intrigued and being a little kid again.
Swan at Markeaton Park.
Have you got a favourite memory or something that stands out in your mind?
I think cycling through and it was just sort of – the sun was setting and just sitting and watching the ducks.

How long ago was that?
A couple of years, three or four years.
Excited in falling letters.
And going back to when you were a kid, can you remember the first park you – what’s your earliest park memory and where was it?
It was – I’m from London, so it’s sort of a local park in London, called Carshalton Park. I remember always going there as a kid with my family and having like a picnic and feeding bread to the ducks and just being really excited, just to sort of roll around and mess around in the grass and in the fields.

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