Kyalo talks to M.B about his memories of Markeaton Park. Barbecues and his dog ‘Cassie’ seeing water for the first time. You can listen to his memories or read his interview.

We’re doing a project on Markeaton Park. I’m just wondering if you have any wonderful memories, BMX bike.i.e. your first memory of Markeaton Park?
First memory was probably when I was a student over at the uni and I was up there on my bike and me and my mate were like – just went for a bit of an explore and we were quite amazed at how big it was. Obviously living in the city, it was like wow, just up from the uni, it was like this big open space and it was obviously a good place to come down for barbecues and things like that, when I was a student.

Do you have any favourite memories of it at all?
Favourite memory was probably when I brought my first dog (‘Cassie’ Rottweiler pictured right) for her first walk on the park and she’d never seen Image of Kyalo's dogs.water and we came down and she was just like a little puppy… just pawing at the water and it was dead sweet, it was dead nice and I’ve always got memories of letting her off and obviously her being the first dog… it’s kind of quite stuck in my mind, walking her round here.

Oh that’s really nice. Is there anything that stands out from now, from when you was a kid?'Cool' in ice cube letters.
I wouldn’t say from when I was kid because I didn’t grow up in Derby, so I only came in when I was like late teenager, so it’s always been sort of like adulty type memories, I guess. But best thing about this park, I think, is it’s got something for everyone; little kids, adults, older people, teenagers, you know, the skate park and it’s got the craft village, play area for the kids and a lake. It’s just dead good, it’s really cool.

Have you seen anything at all change since you first stepped on Markeaton Park?
Obviously the big recent changes with the kids’ park, the addition of the skate park, was pretty cool when that came 'BMX' because obviously I’ve got a bit of a bias towards those kind of things because I’ve done a lot of BMX’ing at times, so that was a real good change because it just meant there was more to do instantly for me and my friends.

Thank you.

Thanks for having this interview with me.

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