Can you tell me about your earliest memory of Markeaton Park?
It’s hard to go back that far, but I think I’m pretty sure it was when I at university and we had finished a lecture and just kind of went to the park and just hung out in the park. It’s really nice. Yeah, I think that was the first memory.

And have you got a favourite memory?
I remember spending a lot of time in the park over the summer and going and having barbecues with diImage of the words 'try something new'.fferent groups of friends, so that was really nice. So I think probably my favourite memory is just that. But also, my sister was quite unwell last year and there was an archaeological dig going on. She got involved with that, actually I really enjoyed seeing her come to life and getting involved in that project. So actually, I think that’s probably my favourite memory…

And how long have you been using the park?

About 6 years.
Have you noticed anything that’s changed on it since you’ve been coming here?
I noticed that the children’s like play area had changed. So they’ve updated some of the like – I don’t know, they’ve got new play equipment and things like that, but it’s not like I use the play area or anything but (laughs), yeah, I’ve noticed that they’ve changed that.

And if you could change anything on the park, is there anything that you would change?Image of flyer for the Markeaton Park community event
Probably – I like that there’s a café but I’d say that it would be good if there were vegan options at the café or like a different option of like – like for people with allergies and things like that. So that’s not anything really to do with the park, more to do with the services in the park, and maybe like more community events would be quite good as well. Like this (Reppin Endz Derby community event) or like music events or art events, yeah.

Going back to when you were little, can you remember the first park you ever went to and where it was?
Yeah. The first park I went to would have been just round the block from where I live. I’m from a place called Rugby, and it’s just like a concrete park. Like I guess I’m associating park with like a play area, whereas I don’t know if you mean park as in like…
It’s your interpretation, really, I guess.
What comes to mind is just a concrete park with like play equipment, a roundabout, like slides, jungle gym, that kind of thing.

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