Listen to memories of Markeaton Park or read the interview.

Can you tell me when you first remember coming to the park?
Yes, it would have been 1990. I was in the fire service at the time. I transferred up from West Sussex up to Derbyshire and the fire service used to hold what they called a fun day on the park. It was quite a big event at the time, and it was attending that, showing members of the public the fire engines and doing drills and things like that.

And have you got a favourite memory of the park or something that stands out in your mind?Image of red finger prints in the shape of a heart.
The first time I brought my granddaughter up here, which would have been last year, and we was in the paddling pool together and she absolutely loved it.

And have you noticed anything that’s changed since you’ve been coming here to the park and working here?
There’s been major changes because of the lottery funding. There’s a lot of work still going on. But no the park tends to stay the same and it’s still very popular with members of the public. During the summer months we’re actually rushed off our feet, trying to cope with the numbers.

It’s busy, isn’t it? How many people do you think come?
We’ve got counters which says it up towards a million people throughout the year.

And can I just ask you a last question, what’s your first park memory and where that park was, you know, going back to when you were a kid?
Yeah it would have been in Sussex in a place called Haywards Heath…a commuter town, and it used to have 'Mischief' in white letters on a pink and yellow background.a little park, Victoria Park it was called, and it had a little paddling pool, a little circular one, and we used to go up there and cause mischief and things like that.

Can you remember how old you were?'No 7' in white against a blue background.
6 or 7. You know, the days when you could go quite happily off on your own without parents worried…

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