Sometimes people don’t have time for a full interview or they just have a particular memory they want to share. This one is about a bomb scare at Markeaton Park. You can listen to the memory or read the interview.

The story goes back to one of the Derby City carnivals when we were all setting up on the Saturday and all the stalls were getting assembled, and suddenly a chap called Mick, came across in a bit of a state of mild Black candle with 'bomb' written in white on the front.panic… it subsequently transpired that they had found what they thought was a bomb underneath the area where they were setting up the main arena, and the bomb squad was duly called.

I don’t recall whether it was actually a bomb or not. All I know was that it caused an almighty hiatus and we all evacuated the place because it took a long time to get in and it’d take a long time to get out.  So I was just an innocent bystander, but I do remember this one. The guy’s name was Mick and I came across him several times subsequently, and every time I saw him I would always say, “Have you found any more bombs?!” you know, and he’d say, “I shall never forget that occasion.”

Do you know what year it was?
Oh boy, I can’t begin to remember what dates the Derby City show was. I think you’ve got to be going back at least 25 years, but that’s a bit of a guess.

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