Have you got a favourite memory of using this park?
Well, it was lovely. The children used to have a lot of time in the paddling pool and enjoy it.

Yes. Yes, it’s always been very nice and children have played here.'celebrating 50 years'

And how long have you been using the park?
Oh, since my children were little. 50 years, because my daughter’s 53 and my son’s 50.

So what’s your oldest memory of the park?
Well, just everything. You know, they used to have the facilities and they used to enjoy them and go on the canoes and the paddling pool. That was the most famous, the paddling pool and the canoes.

Yeah, yeah. Did you ever come down to the fair that was on the park?
Only a couple of times. And then there used to be a carnival as well. Years ago. I should think about 25 Image of carnival ticket.years ago.

Do you remember much about it?
Oh, there were nice floats. All different companies used to have floats and that. Yes, it was nice.

Have you noticed anything that’s changed?
Not a lot. Not a lot, no. They’ve built on bits of things, like that pirate ship and the new play area. Apart Image of ships sails. Play area Markeaton Park.from that, nothing. And the train, that wasn’t here years ago, the railway, that it is popular.

Does this park mean anything to you as a space? If it disappeared tomorrow, would that bother you?
Well, it would be sad for a lot of the children, wouldn’t it? Not me specifically because I’m getting old and my children have grown up, but my grandchildren have had a lot of fun on here as well. It’s very important, especially for the local children.

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