What was the first park you went to?
I’m guessing it was Chad Park, but my mum used to take me everywhere in the pram before I knew what Image of a 1950s style pramwas what. So it could – but I’m guessing Chad Park because it was just round the corner from my house.

What is your favourite memory of Markeaton Park?
I’ve got loads of memories from Markeaton Park. I’ve got good ones, where we’d be like chilling in the Image of the word chill.woods with all my mates or round the park, or doing all-nighters and stuff like that, what I shouldn’t have been doing, telling my mum I was staying round my mate’s house when really we were on the park, probably drinking litres of cider or something stupid. I’ve got loads of memories on that park. But good and bad really…

I think I’ve broke my leg on that park. I’ve broke my nose on that park. I think I’ve been 'Ouch!' in green bubble letters on a black background.arrested on that park when I was young and naughty, which wasn’t very good. But I was only about 12. But basically I – I don’t know, I like the park because it’s like – it doesn’t belong to an area like all the other parks kind of, if that makes sense. So everyone’s been there at some point and you can bump into anyone.

What do you like about the park?
Well I think that I think I like that people from different areas go there rather than just like one area of people will go there. So I could go there and bump into my mate I’ve not seen for ages from Alvaston or whatever. I think I like that about it.

What don’t you like about the park?
You have to pay for the car park!

Have you ever attended an event there?
Yeah. The bonfire night just gone, I performed on the Capital FM stage with like all my crew, or whatever 'Nervous' in graffitti stlye letters.you want to call it. But that was pretty good because it was like 10,000 people or whatever and it was pretty nerve-wracking. But I enjoyed it. It was good.

What would you change about the park?
First of all I would ban having to pay for your car park. And then I’d sort out the toilets and probably employ someone to clean the pool, like on a weekly basis…

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