WILL/JD (2nd interview)

Part of the aim of this project was to support young people to collect oral histories and interviews. They didn’t always want to interview people they didn’t know so this is a 2nd interview with Will/JD by the Markeaton Park group.

So tell me your history on Markeaton Park.
I’ve got loads on Markeaton Park. I broke bones on there.

How did you break bones?
'Ouch!' in green bubble letters on a black background.I fell of the – well I slid down the pole on the spider web and landed with my leg straight and snapped my leg in about five places.

And then what happened after that? Did you go to hospital?

What other stories have you got?
I’ve got when I was 15 I got in a fight, me and my mates.

Did you win?
Yeah. But—

That’s good then.
Well, kind of not, because I won the fight but someone stole the guy’s phone and then I ended up getting done for a robbery, which I didn’t actually commit. Ended up running and trying to hide from police helicopters.

Where did you hide?
Image of ships sails. Play area Markeaton Park.I ran from the Mundy play centre all the way to near Mackworth through the woods and then all the way down Ashbourne Road and then I got caught there. But yeah.

How did you get caught?
They drove past…. There was three cars and they just pulled up.

What other stories have you got?
I used to chill down there all the time when I was younger. We used to like have fires in the woods and chill out in the park, do all-nighters down Glass milk bottle with red foil top.there. When we was younger we used to—we used to do all-nighters. And about five in the morning we used to walk up to Allestree and wait until the milkman was dropping the milk off at the doors and we used to run up to his float and nick bottles of milk and take them back to the park and drink them, like didn’t even really like milk but it was just something to do.

When was the last time you was there?
Last week with you. But before that, quite a while back. When I was younger we used to have like trouble with all the Mackworth lot and they all used to come down there and we used to like have a lot of beef and stuff.

Did you win?
You win some, you lose some but yeah…

What else do I need to ask, like?
I don’t know I’m still going through my memories.

Yeah, what else have you done?
A load of things. There used to be loads of us, all the girls and all the lads would meet down there every Friday night.

So that’s it. We’re done. End.


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