Where’s the first park you went?
Ossy Park (Osmaston Park).

What’s your favourite memories of Markeaton?Two ghost drawings.
I went ghost hunting with my nan, my cousins and my sister.

Whereabouts did you do that?
We just went everywhere.

What, the whole park?
Yeah, the whole park.

Did you see any ghosts?Tree with a few leaves at Markeaton Park
No. I don’t think it was the season to see ghosts.

What do you like about the park?
I don’t know. I like the park because of all the slides and like the spider web thing you have.

Have you ever attended an event then?
Bonfire night there.

When was that?
I don’t know. I don’t really know any dates.

Have you seen any changes in the park?
The park changed into like one big thing, isn’t it, like? It’s better now than it was last time…

I’ve got a right bad memory of that park, a really bad one, when you had that ghost house. Was that Halloween time when they had the rides and everything? They had that ghost house thing and I went in there with my dad’s girlfriend, and I was only little. Have you watched Blade?

You go in there and you walk around, you have to turn each corner and 'Scary' in black letters in a curve shape.every time you turn a corner, there’s a guy there that you’ve got to walk past. There was Scream, the Grudge, the Ring and that vampire thing and I screamed and it was horrible. I cried all the way home. They’re scary them vampire things.

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