Read Will/JD’s memories of Chaddesden Park. To listen to Black and white image of Will/JD.him interviewing his family about the park check out the interviews with Mark Sayer, Mrs Sayer and George Barker.

What does Chaddesden Park mean to you?
Literally, my entire childhood has taken place at Chad park. First fight, first friendships, first love heartlove. It’s hard to explain but I’ve done everything you can do on that park. And going back before that I used to go with my Mum and play on the play area as well…


Have you got a favourite memory? wheelbarrow
Ken the park keeper. When we were youHELLOng he hated us and we used to terrorise him. But when I see him now we have a conversation, he asks how I’m doing, what I’m doing. He’s bothered.

How long have you lived in Chaddesden?
Since day 1! Same house.Chaddesden park

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