You can listen to Mrs Sayer’s memories of Chaddesden Park or you can read her interview. Interview by her son Will/JD.

Can you remember the first time you went to Chaddesden Park? How old were you?8
About seven or eight, maybe. My friends were Catholics and they went to a Catholic church, and their church had a big play scheme  in the summer and we were allowed to go with them because we were in a big group. We didn’t live near the park, but we were in a big group, so we were allowed to walk down to it.

Have you lived in Chaddesden all of your life?
Yeah, same place really.
Have you got a favourite memory of Chaddesden Pleavesark?
Hmm, apart from going down with my friends at that time, taking my little boy when he was two with his great big tractor and trailer and he filled it up with acorns and chestnuts and leaves to come home and make pictures with.

(Laughs) Have you seen a lot of changes on Chaddesden Park over the years?
They’ve taken away the golf course.. moved the library… taken away the paddling pool. The park used to have a helter-skelter slide on it and a castle for the kids to play in.
Oh, I forgot about the helter-skelter slide.
Yeah, it was good, that was.

Yeah, it was good.
So what does the park mean to you? Like if they took it Chaddesden parkaway tomorrow, what would you miss about it?

Well, it’s the nearest park to here to take the little children in my family still, if they want to walk, otherwise we have to get in the car and go somewhere.

Was Chaddesden Park the first park you ever went to?
No, I don’t think so. I think parks on holidays and if we went out for the days, but I’d only be little. And I think when I was little my uncle lived near Darley Park and we went there on the occasional weekend as a family.

If there was anything about Chaddesden Park what would you change?
The paths…They were going to change it… to make it circular. muddy welliesBecause if you go on a walk through with your dog and a pushchair, you have to go off the path on the other side through all the mud, and it’s very hard to push your pushchair through the mud…

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