You can listen to Mark’s memories of Chaddesden Park or you can read his interview. Interview by Will Sayer/JD.

Would you like to say your name and where you live? 8Mark Sayer…Chaddesden.

Can you remember the first time that you went to Chad Park? Probably in the junior school, about eight, something like that.

Favourite memory that sticks out above the rest of Chad Park?
brook 2 Yeah…not good ones. I always used to fall in the brook every time we used to go.

(Laughs) What would you be doing in the brook? Would you be with your mates?

Yeah, just messing about, pushing each other in.

How long have you lived in Chaddesden?
Most of my life. I moved up here as a toddler.

What have you seen change?
The paddling pool area, the area where they mountain bike now, and the golf course…. And the library has moved.

Do you think they’re positive changes? Yeah, pretty good really.

Is there anything else you’d like to see change, muddy welliesor anything that isn’t on the park that you think should be? Change the path a little bit so you could walk round it a bit better.

The path?
Well, the path goes straight through it, but people walking their dogs, sometimes they have to go on quite muddy bits at certain times of the year.

So what does the park mean to you? Like if they took it away tomorrow, what would you miss about it?
Nothing at the moment because I don’t go any more.

Oh, right. (Laughs).
(Laughs) Well, I don’t, do I? We go to Darley now. We don’t anymore because it got too dirty when they were doing all the building work...

Was Chad Park the first park you went to?old kent road
No, there was Alvaston Park and some other parks down in London… a little park on the Old Kent Road.

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