You can listen to Kylao’s memories of Chaddesden Park or you can read his interview.

Can you remember the first time you visited Chad Park?
Yeah I was with my mate. We were on our bikes and cut through wowfrom Pride Park, Alvaston area, to where he lives in Chad, bordering Oakwood. And I was just like, wow, this is a big space. Ever since when I go to Chad to work or to see my mate, I cut through the park…I always find myself cutting through the park.

It’s quite lively, someone dogswalking their dogs, kids on the play area. I’ve always thought of Chad Park as being quite vibrant. With the work they’ve done with the café and the graffiti from Subism it’s really sort of, you know, Chaddesden parkmade the park more appealing to young people. I think there’s talk of a skate park, that would really bring a lot more life to the park.

Anything you would change?
One thing I’ve heard chatting to a lot of young people is lights; the park needs some lights to give young people more – to be able to hang out there in the evenings.

What’s your favourite memory of the park?carnival
The carnival, I was doing cycle coaching with some of the lads from the local school Lees Brook. I’d been working with them for six weeks towards a bike performance. I remember them being nervous, riding them down, and them doing the performance in frbmx bikeont of, god, it must have been thousands of people. They did really well and to be honest I was quite proud of them. They got a big round of applause and, yeah, that was probably my favourite memory.

Have you noticed any changes at Chad Park since you’ve been using it?
Oh yeah, definitely I’ve been on and off Chad Park for about ten/eleven years. Big changes. The café opening, the library – that’s a lot more recent…

But I think the biggest change, to me, was the fresh artwork, because obviously I’ve got a real – I think street art, graffiti, whatever you want to call it, has got a real place in thkingfisher arte city and I think it’s brilliant what they’ve done at Chad Park. They’ve got graffiti for people to see and accept as an art form and not as a form of vandalism. To me, that’s been my positive change. It’s bringing an urban environment to a park, and it looks really good.

graffiti artwork

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