We have tried to discover the history of Chaddesden Park, we’ve gone back about 900 years.
Do you know any more? Contact us reppinendzderby@gmail.com.

1086. Tax hits Chaddesden.
William the Conqueror was King. He created tDomesday Book lyricshe Domesday Book recording who lived where and what they owed in tax. ‘Cedesdene’ was worth £4 and had a population of about 25. They would have farmed the land, paid rent to the landlord, and paid the tax.

View the Domesday tax record for Chaddesden. 

The landlord of Chaddesden was Henry of Ferrers. He get off my landowned land in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Wales (he also had Duffield castle built). In the 1300s he rebelled against the King, and the King took his land. Chaddesden was now ruled by the King’s son Edmund Crouchback.

Not alot is know about what happened after tChaddesden Hall 3hat until:
1600s. Chaddesden Hall.

The Wilomt family bought land in Chaddesden including the park and built Chaddesden Hall. They also built bought land in Osmaston, including the park, and built Osmaston Hall.

Most people in Chaddesen were working as farmers plus ‘2 butchers, a farm bailiff,  blacksmith, horse dealer, builder, dairyman, tailor, wheelwright…and landlord of the Wilmot Arms’.

Chaddesden Hall and land goes up for sale.
‘Entrance lobby, square hall, fine oak panelled dining room, 4 reception rooms, 16 bedrooms, bathroom and domestic Chaddesden Hall 2offices…stabling, farm and cottages, old pleasure grounds, woodland walks, kitchen garden…plus house and buildings on the borders of the park. Trout stream. Exclusive use of the house and grounds. Current rental about £190 per annum.  Right to nominate priest included.’

for sale

1916.5.8 mil
Hall and land is sold for about £100,000 – £5.8milllion today. Bits were sold to various organisations in the area.

Derby council buys the rest of the land and Chaddesden Park is created. 59 acres!

index images

Chaddesden Historical group has a brilliant timeline of events in Chaddesden including the park. View their research (loads as a PDF).


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