Ruth Richardson: Director of Derby Multi-Faith Centre/Roma Community Care Youth Club

Ruth is director of Derby Multi-Faith Centre and manager of Roma Community Care Youth Club. Throughout the project she has worked to ensure every single young person on the project was supported and encouraged, able to participate, and supported in their learning. We asked her for some of her reflections on the project.

During this project young people have had experiences they would never had had without the project, they went to Derby Local Studies Library – not only had they not been before they didn’t know it existed and they were fascinated (image right). map They tried all aspects of hip hop from dance to music and graffiti (image right), they learnt film skills, interviewed people completed artwork. They had their work in the exhibition which was held at Derby Museum and they had a session with Museum curators which they loved.
One young person said to me ‘I don’t work this hard at school!’ which is amazing…

But without doubt the highlight of the project was when they met Eyez, in fact other young people came to the club just because they heard Eyez was coming eyez-pic-mind-the-gapdown, that was one young person’s dream come true. Some of these experiences will stay with them for the rest of their lives.