Learning Blog – 28/04/17

At Derby’s QUAD was a screening of a film about graffiti called “Wall of Progress”. The film was about where graffiti originated in America and how the majority of people who started “tagging” (painting nicknames) where young people who wanted to be known and get their name out to the public in many different parts of America. The film showed the most famous taggers and how and why the wanted as young people were so passionate about graffiti and what it meant to them. They reconnected with old friends explaining the thoughts and feelings they had as young people. After the film, a panel was gathered to discuss the film and discuss graffiti. The panel consisted of Baby J, Dilk, Sire, and a street artist names Tim. The panel shared their experiences of hip hop and they felt that the reason why young people get into graffiti and street art is because they want to make something of themselves from a young age instead of conforming to the school curriculum. They believed it builds good experiences for young people and enabled them to express themselves.