Learning Blog: Research Skills Fashion (8th march)

Hip Hop Fashion.
Young people researched hip hop fashion using online resources and images and the Martha Cooper book. Young people noticed how hip hop fashion had changed – 1970s and 1980s hip hop fashion was bright, colourful in contrast to contemporary hip hop or grime which they felt was more understated, not so bold and colourful with dark, black colours.

Art activity stereo

Young people created an iconic piece of 1980s hip hop history the ghetto blaster.

We followed up on the previous week session with people’s top 3

hip hop tracks of all time. This created a lively debate with up to 10 young people as the majority of the young people know nothing of the old skool hip hop legends and the ‘hip hop’ that they currently listen to is very different and far removed from any kind of socially conscious rap.