“I remember my friend Steven Parker had a pair of ‘Puma’ old school trainers and he had white trainers with thick red laces. I managed to sell and trade loads of stuff to swap for his trainers. They were like 4 sizes too big but I didn’t care – they were hip hop trainers!” (Baby J).

Graffiti came to me around ’86 but in its primitive form through TV shows and occasional music videos. I began adorning my clothes and hats with basic graffiti some would do the same. (Daz The Graff Man).

“There was a big influence from Jamaican culture. A lot of my friends at the time were from 1st generation families that moved over from Jamaica and they brought with them a different fashion style. So what happened is British hip hop fashion became a fusion of the two…

It was tracksuits or thinner jeans, sports trainers, ‘Kangols’, baseball hats and jackets and you would just know that they were hip hop kids. There was no baggy jeans that was the 90s. The 80s was tight jeans. Trainers were obviously massively important. When we young we had one pair of trainers that you would do everything in…There used to be a shop on the outskirts of the Eagle Centre called ‘Fashion Floor’ that used to stock Kappa cagoules and ski jackets. That was the closest place you could go to for sportswear related clothes for fashion…

Me and Shabbaz got asked to go and record for a label in San Francisco. We got paid to go out there and got a little advance on that so I bought some gold teeth as that was what you did back then haha.” (Baby J).

ghetto blaster“I remember being on the school field and there was a group of girls from the year above salt-n-pepa-push-it-us-remix-ffrr-3walking around the edge of the field with a ghetto blaster playing Salt ‘n’ Peppa. I’ll always remember that…and they weren’t walking so much as marching they looked bold you know.  They looked a bit ‘don’t look at us we’re too cool for you’ kind of thing, a bit of a stare. But obviously everyone was looking at them cos this music was blasting out really loud. They had this ghetto blaster held up high on their shoulders like the coolest fashion accessory ever. And a bit of attitude.”