Exhibition at Derby Museum

The final exhibition was held at Derby Museum in January 2018 to showcase the research and hip hop history uncovered by young people on the project.

The day started early for the young people from the project who had a session on museum objects from Derby Museum. They held objects from the World Cultures Exhibition, learnt about their history, and had a go at conservation and cleaning the objects. They then came to look at their work on the Reppin Endz project exhibited for the public… 

The exhibition told the stories of Derby hip hop from early influences from Jamaican and American Culture to the role of Derby youth clubs in nurturing early Derby Hip Hop, the explosion of graffiti and dance culture, and the success of Derby hip hop artists including Baby J, Eyez (although a Grime MC Eyez referenced his early hip hop links) and JD.

We had a collection of photos of Derby Hip Hop Happenings (donated by Deda) on digital display as well as an ‘Off The Hook’ Derby hip hop event original t-shirt, and Derby hip hop flyers from the early 2000s. Visitors could also view the young people’s artwork created during the project for their Arts Awards and view the Derby Hip Hop History map created by young people (supported by a graffiti artist) which charts key locations from Derby hip hop history onto a historical map from Derby Local Studies Library.