Reppin Endz Derby Finale Event Sat 16th May 2015

The photograph panels have gone, the PA and food is covered by Derby Live. We’ll kick off at 5pm with the website to view, a film, a discussion about what is heritage with Rachael and the team at Impact Derby and a chance to find out about their current HLF project ‘The Journey’. We’ve got memory books to fill in, pens and paper for the kids, food, cups of tea!

Then we’ve got our FREE GIG 6.30pm.
Some amazing artists are supporting the event and we’ll also have some spoken word pieces written in response to the park memories we’ve collected.
Live performances from Rukus, Eyez, Defkon1, Ili Sanchea, Cizz, Theorious, Abakus, Dan Dappa, Dathan Horridge, Lucia, Johnny Swinhoe, Evergreen and more.

Kyalo Mwailu will be down to film bits of the event and Tony Fisher amazing Derby photographer will be around as well.

DERBY CLUBROOMS. MARKET SQUARE. SAT 16TH MAY. Busy day for Reppin Endz Derby!