You can listen to Karnage talk about his memories of Osmaston Park or you can read his interview (below).

Tell me about your earliest memory of Osmaston Park.
My earliest memory of Osmaston Park, yeah, we’re going way back. We went down there and it was before things got painted and restructured and the ramps were sprayed up. This is like – twelve years ago. Yeah cos I had friends that lived on Elmtree Avenue, round the corner. No alcohol around at that point in time; we were too young for that but it was just like talking, chilling. I was allowed to come out the house at tchillhat point, so it was all good, you know what I mean, without supervision (laughs).
So yeah, that’s my first memory, just going down, chilling with friends, talking about random nothingness, really.

Is there anything you would change at the park?

Don’t know if there’s anything I would change because I think it’s always been quite a good area for people to go down. It’s got a basketball court. It’s got bowls for the older generation. It’s got all of that kind of stuff. It’s even got the allotments there, which I’ve always liked. I just think maybe a bit more money should go into it, as in keeping it maintained better because we’ve got all the objects and equipment and utilities down there. It’s just that they’ve got a bit messy and they’ve got a bit old.

Do you use the park today?
Not now. Some years back, like three years back, four years back, mapkind of times I was on the park regularly. Like I was on Osmaston Park a lot. That was like my place to go and I used to really enjoy it. Just go down there, have a drink, meet people, talk, do some things I shouldn’t be doing. But that was back like four years, three/four years ago and I just think that was always good for that because it was a nice place to chill out. It’s a nice open space.

FreedomIt’s quite interesting because someone said that, parks, they’re like a place for young people to escape…
Yeah, it was more of a spot of freedom, yeah.

Can you tell me about your first memory, your first ever memory, of going to a park, going back to when you were a kid?
To any park?
Gosh, a park. This would have been far back. It might have been like Bolton. It could have been Bolton Park because I was – yeafootballh I’ve got to think back. I remember running around, kicking a ball, those kind of times. I don’t even like football now, so it was a while.

How old were you?
Oh, this must have been like seven, because yeah, my dad wo7uld have still been in the UK. He lives in America now, but my dad would have still been in the UK. So I would have been young, about seven or eight-ish, and just going to kick a ball, that kind of time. I remember the colour of the football and all that, though, but I can’t remember which park it was on (laughs). I think it was Bolton because we were living not far off Stanley Road. Yeah, so Stanley Road, we come down here – yeah, down the canal path to Bolton Park.

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