You can listen to M.B talk about his memories of Osmaston Park or you can read his interview (below).

What’s your name?
Birth name is Mark. Obviously street name is MB, AKA Crazy MB.

Okay. So you grew up in Allenton, Harvey Road, you said.
The whole stretch of it, yeah.

Can you tell me what your first memory of Osmaston Park is?
Image of 17 birthday candle.Wow. Yeah, it was basically meeting up with a few lads and then basically we’re just patiently waiting, I’d probably say roughly round about half nine, ten o’clock, for a big fight.
How old were you at that time?

Going back to when you were a kid, did you ever go to Osmaston Park?
If anything, the parks that I went to was like Allenton Park and Alvaston Park, which kind of was the birth of everything. It was more of like phase one to step one, before going to Osmaston Park because it – how it was, it was like you go to one park, you realise that park was small, then you upgrade to the next park. And then when you realise that Osmaston Park was pretty big, you knew that was the park for everything, really.

And you know you talk about when you were younger, sort of having fights and stuff like that on the park – what do you think goes on for young people on that park today? Do you think it’s the same?
Truthfully, I’ve not actually seen the same picture what I was in when I was growing up. If anything|mage of a multi-coloured number 5., I’ve kind of seen it calm down a little…

Basically anyone from the age of like, I don’t know, from 5 to 65,  that wants to walk their dog where they don’t feel threatened because obviously teenagers like myself, back then, was kind of making them people uncomfortable. And yeah, it made them feel threatened walking through the park at night… But from what I’ve seen, it’s not as bad as it was when I was growing up.

And have you got any memories of any events on the park?
I’d say the carnival. I’d probably say about one or two fights there, but that’s about it. But I will Image of the word 'change'say, about a year ago, year and a half ago, I kind of used to run like football for Peartree All Stars, on Osmaston Park itself, on a Sunday. So obviously me, looking at that a year ago to like I was a few years ago, I realised that the vibe is not the same.


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