You can listen to the memories of Osmaston Park or you can read the interview (below).

Let me just make sure this is rolling.

Okay. So what does this area mean to you?Image of red finger prints in the shape of a heart.
A lot. I love it. I’ve lived here years.

How long, if you don’t mind me asking?
About 35 years.

If somebody was to land in Derby and they were trying to get a bit of a feel for Derby “Tell me about where you’re from. Tell me about where you live,” what sort of things would you say to them?
If they was moving to Allenton, I’d say it’s a good area, to be honest. Well everybody says its rough with the gangs and all that lot, but I don’t think there is – not now there ain’t, you know what I mean, but I know all the lads around here anyway because I’ve lived here years.

And what’s the best bit about living in this area?
Knowing everyone, I think.

One of the parts of this project that we’re focusing on is parks. Are there any parks in this area that you’ve ever used?

Yeah, parks, you know like Ossy Park and—
Oh right. Ossy Park, I use that a lot.Image of the words '7 months' in blue bubble.

Okay, so I when have you ever used Ossy Park? And what for?
My granddaughter, I’ve just got a granddaughter now, so I take her up there at the weekends.What does she think of the park?
Well she’s only 7 months! But she loves it.

One thing we’re interested in is people’s memories – has there ever been  events that have happened there that mean anything to you —
Carnival.Image of poster advertising Caribbean carnival 2014.

And if I knew nothing about the carnival, would you—?
Oh, I’d tell you to come along, yeah.

And tell me a bit about – what’s carnival like?
It’s a great carnival. Everyone says there’s loads of trouble  and that. There’s no such thing.  It’s just a good day…Yeah, it’s fantastic.

Is there anything you would change about the park?
I’ve always wanted to do, every single year, I plan to get other people in the area to get some kind of – something 'Splash' in blue letters and water.written up because it’s a big massive park, and I reckon there should be some kind of paddling pool. They’ve got a café up there. There’s no toilets in the park, to be honest, and I think they should do – it’s massive, the park is. I think they should do a little paddling pool, like Markeaton.

Like Markeaton, Chad Park, back in the day.
Because otherwise you have to travel all the way to Markeaton, when it’s a really hot day, and we’ve got our park up there. You could have a little paddling pool there.

Yeah. So if there was one thing you could change about the park—?
Oh, that would be definitely it, yeah.

Yeah, definitely, yeah.Bowl of chips.

And the café would make a lot of money, you know what I mean? Plenty of chips for the kids…

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