What are your earliest memories of the park? Can you remember?
When I was about 5.
And what did you think about it when you were 5?Image of the number five.
It were wicked, obviously. What any kid would think of a park.
And what about it makes it wicked for a 5 year old?
Because it’s something to do, but there should be more in there, like more to be involved, more to add, more stuff to do.

Have you got any ideas about some of the things that you could add?
If you could have anything? A climbing wall, bigger swings, smaller swings. There’s all types of stuff like that, isn’t there? Image of the word football..
But they’ve got courts of there, so people play football, they’ve got the park to play on.. the bowling green. That’s down there as well.

It depends what you make of it, I think it does. It depends how you are, it depends what type of mood you’re in. it depends on a lot of stuff. It depends how old you are, really. It depends what you like as well. You could come to the park, love it one day, and you can go the next day and hate it, like all the things, because people could be out here who have – people can be out here who you have trouble with and obviously there’s nowhere to go is there. But it’s an all right park but it just needs to improve a bit.

Have you ever been to the carnival?
Yeah, yeah. It’s good, it is. Carnival’s the major thing. There’s rides and things, but that’s a good thing for the park, that is. Once a year is not enough, though, is it?Image of carnival ticket.

If you had it your way, would it be more often?
More often, yeah. I’d say at least about four times a year. Because it would be better, wouldn’t it? It would be different.

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