You can listen to Tracey  talk about her memories of Osmaston Park or you can read her interview.

What are your earliest memories of Osmaston Park?
There was – I can’t remember what it was called – we used to call— I think we used toBlack candle with 'bomb' written in white on the front. call it the dump, basically. I think it was called the dump (also known as the bomb hole). Yeah, it was a big massive hole, sort of thing. Yeah, it was a big hole – like a big crater thing to be honest – because I used to live on Elm Tree Avenue, which is just over there – I grew up over there – so my brothers used to take me up on the park – I’m sure it was called the dump. It wasn’t dirty or anything like that, you know, it wasn’t a mess, it was just there was hardly – there was a few trees around – but it was just this dump!

So there were no swings, no slides, no—?
Not really, no. There was a few, but there wasn’t that much there, it was more— It was all hilly sort of thing, you know, all the hills and stuff. There wasn’t much for kids to go on then.

What did you used to do on the park, as kids? 'Happy time's in white flowing letters on orange background.
It was just basically playing hide-and-seek and, you know, just those types of games and running down the dump (laughs) – up and down the dump – that was about it, there wasn’t a lot for us to do then, but we were happy.

Did you think your parents felt that you were safe on the park, as opposed to on the road?
Yes. My brothers used to take me there you see, so my mum and dad had no worries of where I was.

Older brothers?
My older brothers, yeah.

So what do you think the park is used for presently? Image of carnival ticket.
I don’t know to be— I mean, we have the Caribbean Carnival on there, which is brilliant, I love that. I mean, to be honest, I’ve not been on that park for quite a few years now – I walk past it every day – but I’ve not actually been on there. I mean the last time I went on was before the hut, the café thing, was built, so that is a while.

If you were thinking, “Right, the kids need—.” What would you put on the park?
Like they’ve got on the Alvaston Park, like a skateboard-type – you know those ramps and everything – something like that. I know there is a little park on there (at Osmaston Park) because my grandkids go on there…my daughters, they bring them up and they go on that park quite regularly actually.

Do you know what the kids think of the park by any chance? Do they Image of red finger prints in the shape of a heart.seem content?
They love it, they absolutely love it.

I know the Caribbean Carnival is the big event.

Is there anything else that’s a big event that comes to the park? Is there anything—?
I know they have Asian games up there because we’ve not long had one, so I don’t know. Like I say, I’ve not been up there for a while… I know Umbrella – a place called Umbrella – I know they have stalls and everything on there. They do something on there because a friend of mine she works there. But I don’t know what else they actually have on there, like I say I’ve not been there for a while so—

That’s okay.
It’s only what I get to hear from my daughters you see. They go. They’ll normally ask me if I want to come up, but I’m busy here so— There’s no excuse really.

Because people use it – the park – as a short cut sometimes to get from one end, do you think there needs to be more lights on there for people to be walking through at night time? Do you think it’s safe enough?
Well, like I say, because I’ve not actually been on there for a while – but I would say every place really needs more lighting, especially if they’re going to cut through the park, you know, to get home. So – I don’t know what kind of lighting there is there at the moment, whether there is enough – but I would definitely say you need a lot of lighting through the park if you’re going to cut through.

Is there anything you don’t like about the park from what you can remember?
No, there’s nothing in particular that I didn’t like about it. No, there’s nothing, no. It is a nice park. You know, for me, it always has been. I’ve grew up going on that park and everything and going to watch my brothers play football and everything, so no.

Okay, what would you rate the park out of ten?
Again, because I was brought up around here and – I live in Alvaston now, but I wasPink start with '10/10' on it. brought up around here you see, and I was always on that park – me personally, even though I’ve not been there for a while, I would definitely— I would still give it a ten-out-of-ten, I really would.

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