You can listen to Sue talk about her memories of Osmaston Park or you can read her interview. Apologies for the sound quality in parts.

I used to go on to that park when I was very young because I lived in the 'Happy time's in white flowing letters on orange background.area and had many, many happy times on that park. It was a good park, lots of swings, roundabouts, slides, lots of things for children to do. I always felt safe on that park in those days, but I’m probably going back to the 1960’s now, and it was always a very safe environment to be.

So on the park you said there was a big, like, crater thing on the floor in the centre?
Like a crater. There used to be a crater, yeah. Have they filled that in then?

It was a massive, massive crater and kids used to always just run. It was Black candle with 'bomb' written in white on the front.really deep, yeah. I don’t know what caused that crater…(the crater was know as the dump or bomb hole).

So if you could change anything what would it be about the park?
On that park? I mean, I’ve not been on that park for a while now, but what I would like to see is— I just think it should be made a really safe environment for children and I also think they should bring in park rangers…That is what I would like to see. I think it needs lighting. Again, that would be for safety as well.

As I say, I don’t use the park at the moment – do you want to know how I Lavender with bee at Osmaston Park.feel about it at the moment? At this moment in time I think it’s a good park, it’s clean, it’s tidy. It seems a good open space, but  I think they should do something more with it…I mean, I don’t know what’s on there now at the moment. I mean they’ve got swings and things like that. They’ve got all that sort of thing. Maybe some of this modern type of stuff – climbing walls – obviously supervised – but you know, these climbing walls and more activities like that for children, yeah. And soft play areas for younger children. I mean, I don’t know if it’s got one, but has it got soft play areas? Has it got sand pits and things? Has it got all that?

Has it got football pitches and things?

Yeah. It’s got a track as well.
Oh, it’s quite developed then now? Because I’ve not been on for a while, so— So it’s got that pavilion now hasn’t it? Has it got like a café or something?

Oh yeah, it’s got a café/comunity centre and it’s run and they don’t actually get paid for—
hand drawn community centre sign at Osmaston Park cafe.Is it voluntary work?

Yeah, voluntary.
Have they got a lot of volunteers?

Yeah, it started through volunteering and they just built it from there.

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