Listen to Colin talk about Osmaston Park. Apologies for the sound quality. You can also read his interview (below).

Could you give us your name?
My name is Colin and I’m the Leisure Manager for Rolls Royce Leisure Association. I live in the bungalow at the end of the drive, which is adjacent to the park, which is where I’ve been for nineteen years. So I’ve seen quite a bit going on around the area.

Okay. So for nineteen years – what have you seen on the park?
It just changes on – obviously the local dog walkers, I see them going across there. Night times, in summer there must be a lot of kids over there, there’s a lot of screaming and shouting, “Get here, get here!” when I’m in my garden like. So, it’s obviously quite a busy place. There’s the Asian Games once a year, and the Caribbean Carnival.Image of carnival ticket.

Have you been to the Carnival?
I’ve been to the Carnival several times, yeah.

Do you enjoy the Carnival?
Oh yes, definitely yeah. It’s – if the weather’s good this is the place to be. Have a wander round and the sights and sounds, and smell. The jerk chicken… it’s excellent yeah, but that’s the joy of being on the doorstep. It means that when it rains I don’t go, simple as that (laughs).

Have you noticed any changes?
Well I don’t really know, because they’ve done – over the last few years they’ve done some major changes over there and the improvements are there to be seen. They’ve got quite a nice enclosed children’s play area. Black and white image of a game of footballThey’ve got a skateboard facility over there, so I don’t really know really. The sports – I mean it’s a fairly well organised park, because obviously I go out on a Saturday morning and there’s plenty of junior football over there and the same on a Sunday morning. So it’s pretty well utilised.

Do you think parks are important?
Yes, definitely. I think – I grew up in a village in Devon and I was har'Have fun' in multi-coloured lteers on black background.dly ever inside. I spent all my time outside and I seemed to spend all my life running when I was a child and I don’t think that happens enough nowadays. I think it should be outside…running and having fun.

You know, you’ve only got to look back at the Olympics, how great we did as a team and it starts with the youth. You know, if we don’t bring youngsters outside, where’re we going to be in a few years’ time, we’re going to be Xbox champions of the world.BMX trick at Osmaston Park.

Yeah (laughs).
You know, we’ve got to get people out there playing sports and participating.

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