We researched the history of Osmaston Park with Ellis, Jaydan, Cizz and Karnage. We went back about 1,000 years.

Edward the Confessor was King of England. Osmaston was ruled byrent a man called Osmund, people living in the area paid him rent.

1086. Tax hits Osmaston.

William the Conqueror was King and he created the Domesday Book to Lyrics '1086 under the order of the conqueror to see what was owed to the confessor. The Domesday book.record what people owed in tax. Osmaston or ‘Osmundestune’ was included. At the time it had 20 villagers – population today about 7,000.  View Osmaston Domesday tax record.

1696. Osmaston Hall is built.
Osmaston Hall was built where Ascot Drive is today. We think the land that went with it included Osmaston Park.  The Wilmot family from Chaddesden owned the hall and land for over 300 years.

1922. Osmaston public park is created.

By 1922 the land and the hall had been sold to different organisations. Derby council bought the last bit of land, 5 ½ acres Image of a drawing of a bird with a speech bubble 'hooray'.for £7,300. It became a public park and it has been a park ever since!

1980s. Derby Caribbean Carnival.
Derby Caribbean Carnival’s weekend celebration is the caribbean carnival flyer 2014biggest event at Osmaston Park. The event, which includes fairground rides, live music, different sound systems and food, has taken place at Osmaston Park for 30 years. The carnival is organised by Derby West Indian Community Association. Find out more.

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